If you’d like to QSO, let’s try to schedule something on HF!

These days, I spend a lot of time on D-Star. I use a MMDVM Pi hat hotspot to hang out on the PAPA SoCal reflector at REF012A by default, or if not there “The International Mega-Reflector” REF001C. I favor D-Star more than DMR these days.

When on DMR I hang out on TG 31621 (HRCC), TG 31075 (BayNet), TG 93 (North America) and occasionally TAC 310.

I often monitor Stockton Delta Amateur Radio Club (w6sf.org) 2m repeater: 147.165+ PL 107.2; and simultaneously if on my morning commutes sometimes like to check in on the WD6EJF Morning Traffic Net 7am on 145.390- PL 136.5 (often reaching from Southern Sacramento all the way to Modesto).

Sometimes when going to the SF Bay Area I go on the WA6HAM linked repeaters, preferably Highland Peak repeater in San Ramon 145.41- PL 107.2. These linked repeaters pretty much blanket the entire Bay Area.

I work in the Metro Sacramento area, so I sometimes check in to the W6AK Sac Noon Net on 2m repeater 146.910- PL 162.2 from my workplace. To see if I’m en route and open to QSOs, check my APRS status.

Since I do have a fairly busy day job, the best bet is to notify me via Twitter @ad6dm. You can also drop me a note via email at: dennis@ad6dm.net. I’m also good on QRZ.