Here’s a list of my ham radio gear.

Rigs (in order of acquisition)
  • 1998: Radio Shack HTX-202 2m handheld transceiver (busted LCD after 4 years, lost in a move).
  • 1999: Alinco DJ-S11T miniature 2m handheld transceiver, 340 milliwatt (lost in a move).
  • 2001: Yaesu FT-50 Dual-band VHF/UHF handheld transceiver (donated to K6RZ in the early-2000’s after discussing his CB adventures & getting him hooked on ham radio).
  • 2003: Yaesu VX-7R tri-band (6m, 2m, 440) handheld transceiver, still in use today.
  • 2017: Yaesu FT-857D mobile HF/VHF/UHF transceiver in a Commander 857 Go Box.
  • 2017: BaoFeng UV-3R Plus VHF/UHF 2m/440 handheld transceiver (in a drawer somewhere unused).
  • 2018: mcHF clone RS-918SSB portable HF QRP transceiver (160m-10m) (donated to K8MRD).
  • 2018: Radioddity GD-77 dual-band (2m/440) DMR digital/analog handheld transceiver (donated to KB6DEF).
  • 2018: Kenwood TH-D74A tri-band (2m/220/440) D-Star digital/analog APRS HT.
  • 2018: Elecraft KX3 portable 160-6m HF QRP (15w) transceiver with PX3 Panadapter, KXAT3 Internal ATU and KXPD3 paddle, in a SideKX cover.
  • 2019: Kenwood TH-D72 dual-band (2m/440) HT with full-duplex capability and built-in TNC, purchased from W5KV.
  • 2019: AnyTone AT-D878UV GPS dual-band (2m/440) DMR digital/analog handheld transceiver (returned, transmit malfunction after 2 weeks of use).
  • 2019: µBITX HF SSB/CW 10w transceiver kit with 3D printed enclosure (courtesy of WE4B and his daughter W4AQT, thanks!).
  • 2019: Icom ID-4100A 50 watt dual-band (2m/440) DStar digital/analog mobile transceiver.
  • 2020: FlexRadio Flex-6400 160m-6m SDR transceiver and Maestro control console.
  • 2020: QYT KT-8900D Dual band 25 watt VHF/UHF mobile transceiver for use in packet radio.
  • 2020: Icom ID-31A Plus 70cm handheld D-Star digital/analog transceiver mainly for D-Star hotspot home use.
  • 2020: Yaesu FT-4X Dual band (2m/440) handheld transceiver for everyday carry analog use.
  • 2020: Icom IC-705 portable 160m-6m/2m/440 all-mode QRP transceiver (with D-Star).
  • 2021: Yaesu FT-4X Dual band (2m/440) handheld transceiver courtesy of K8MRD (after I lost my previous FT-4X).
  • 2003: Comet M-24 mag-mount dual-band VHF/UHF mobile antenna
  • 2017: N9SAB‘s “Stealth” 40m-6m Off-Center Fed (OCFD) multiband dipole with 4:1 matching transformer rated for 100w.
  • 2018: PreciseLOOP HG-1 80-10m magnetic loop antenna (45w PEP max, 10w max on 80m) – I have had 7400+ mile confirmed QSLs with this antenna at obstructed street level.
  • 2018: HVU-8 80m/40/20/15/10/6/2m/70cm vertical base station antenna (200w PEP max, 150w on VHF/UHF FM) – Home QTH vertical antenna, atop 16ft of military poles (taken down in the Great Move of 2019).
  • 2018: Elecraft AX1 20m/17m coil whip antenna, max 15w, made for the KX series but can be used for any QRP radio.
  • 2018: Ed Fong Roll-up J-Pole 2m/440.
  • 2018: DIY HQD™ Speaker Wire Antenna cut for 20m.
  • 2018: Wolf River Coils “Take It Along” SB1000 coil vertical whip antenna – amazing results! Tunes near resonant on 80-10m.
  • 2018: Trunk-mount TRAM 2m/70cm 19″ vertical coil mobile capable of 100w for repeater use during commutes – 50+ mile repeater range while on 5w power.
  • 2019: Nelson Antennas Matchbox 9:1 unun end-fed random wire antenna 41′ with 17′ counterpoise for 80-6m. <– primary home antenna as of 2020.
  • 2019: Arrow II 146-437-10WBP yagi handheld antenna for satellite and distance operation (courtesy of N9BAV, thanks!).
  • 2019: QuirkyQRP SlinkTENNA 80-6m compact helical dipole antenna for NVIS and portable ops.
  • 2020: Arrow OSJ J-Pole for 2m/440 at the home QTH.
  • 2020: The K6ARK Magic™ AnT a QRP end-fed random wire antenna with a 41′ radiator and ingenious 9:1 un-un built into the BNC connector, made by K6ARK. This is my primary SOTA KX3 antenna.
  • 2021: QRPGuys Portable No Tune End Fed Half Wave Antenna rated at 20w. Bought primarily for the IC-705 QRP rig.
  • 2021: The KM4ACK EFHW a QRP kit for a resonant antenna on 20m (or 40m if you choose, wire is up to you).
  • 2021: The Alpha BASIC-FMJ 80-10m vertical antenna with matching unit.
  • 2021: The K6ARK EFHW or EFRW kit with custom PCB for on-BNC toroid.