Here’s a list of my ham radio gear.



  • HVU-8 80m/40/20/15/10/6/2m/70cm vertical base station antenna (200w PEP max, 150w on VHF/UHF FM) – Home QTH vertical antenna, atop 16ft of military poles.
  • Elecraft AX1 multi-band whip antenna, max 15w, made for the KX series but can be used for any QRP radio.
  • Wolf River Coils “Take It Along” vertical whip antenna – amazing results!
  • QuirkyQRP SlinkTENNA 80-6m compact helical dipole antenna for NVIS and portable ops.
  • SmileyAntenna Tri-band 144/220/440 HT extending whip antenna for the D74.
  • PreciseLOOP HG-1 80-10m magnetic loop antenna (45w PEP max, 10w max on 80m) – I have had 7400+ mile confirmed QSLs with this antenna at obstructed street level. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for portable use!
  • Comet UHV-4 quad-band (10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm) vertical mobile antenna with varying length counterpoises, up to 120w.
  • Trunk-mount TRAM 2m/70cm 19″ vertical coil capable of 100w for repeater use during commutes – 50+ mile repeater range while on 5w power.
  • ProComm CS20M “Short” 20 meter “hamstick” antenna, 350w max rating – Regular obstructed office-location QSOs in the 400 mile range.
  • Workman 40 meter mobile “hamstick” antenna, 8ft 250w max rating – Same range as above, hitting entire western United States from obstructed parking lots.
  • N9SAB‘s “Stealth” 40m-6m Off-Center Fed (OCFD) multiband dipole with 4:1 matching transformer that I added snap-on 1:1 current RF isolator chokes for quick-deploy configuration as a New Carolina Windom rated for 100w.
  • Half-wave 10m dipole using 16 AWG wire with 1:1 balun (homemade), max rated for 1500w (although my best rig can only go to 100w).
  • RigExpert AA-600 Antenna Analyzer.
  • LDG YT-100 HF 160m-6m antenna auto-tuner, made specifically for the FT-857D.


  • Hardened Power Systems Commander 857 turnkey Go-Box for the Yaesu FT-857D with 2x10Ah Dakota LiFePO4 batteries.
  • 4s1p 13.3v Headway 40152S home-built portable ops LiFePO4 battery 15Ah with 100A BMS.
  • 4s2p 13.3v Headway 40152S home-built LiFePO4 battery box (under construction) 30Ah with parallel connector to use with other Headway pack for full 45Ah capability.
  • SS-DV30 AC switching power supply for when the grid is up (30A) with Powerpoles.
  • Bioenno LiFePO4 3Ah with LiFePO4 solar controller for QRP backpacking or HT extended power.
  • Portable 39w solar that goes with the Commander 857; accompanies LiFePO4 solar controller for various other field charging tasks.
  • 100w RV solar panel and 30A solar controller for off-grid setup to charge multiple parallel 35Ah SLA deepcycle batts.
  • 1200w gas generator for SHTF/TEOTWAWKI.