AD6DM-10 VHF Winlink RMS Gateway is on the Air

Winlink RMS Gateway AD6DM-10 is up, and serving the ham community. After collecting parts of this system for a few weeks, it is operational on 145.630 MHz in CM98hj. It is comprised of: An Alinco DR-135T VHF 2 meter transceiver set to 20 watts power An Arrow OSJ J-Pole up 21 ft at the home QTH A Masters Communications DRA-50 radio sound card interface with an Alinco-6 Mini DIN 6 adapter And a mini PC (Windows 10) and running on 12 volt power. Solar charged offgrid LiFePO4 battery power, for uninterrupted uptime (same system the shack rig uses). Software running the gateway are: UZ7HO Soundmodem, software TNC that provides PTT… Read More

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