We had our monthly meeting for the Stockton Delta Amateur Radio Club on February 8, 2018 at 7:30pm. After usual club announcement and business, we were treated to a presentation by Jim WB6BET of the Lodi Amateur Radio Club (LARC): The History of Phonetics.

Phonetics in America from 1913 to present

Jim went on to describe DX phonetics.

Alternative phonetics for DX, easier to read at times.

Emilia KI6YYT, president of LARC, also gave a presentation on the USS Hornet, describing its radio systems and an all-women’s QSO event they held there last year. It was interesting to see the kinds of radios they used on ships back then (one slide had a bank of Harris RF-350s).

It’s cool that the club meetings are not only a chance to place faces with callsigns, but that each one has some educational aspect in mind. SDARC really has a goal of helping the ham community learn more and make an impact.

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