Many HF transceivers use a stereo jack for the internal electronic keyer. Some have a 1/4″ jack, others have a 3.5mm jack. This is a note on how most of these are wired to a CW paddle.

On a TRS cable (tip ring sleeve 3.5mm)

  • Red: tip (left, dit)
  • White: ring (right, dah)
  • Yellow: sleeve (common ground) (this wire could also be black)

If you’re right-handed, use the left paddle for the dit, which would go to the tip of the plug which would be the red connection. The white connection is the dah (right paddle) which goes to “ring” on the plug, adjacent to the tip. The common ground would go on the base “sleeve” connection on the plug, the yellow wire.

A 3.5mm TRS cable
A 3.5mm TRS cable

I haven’t found much on the Internet explaining this, so I thought I’d post something since these keyers and cables almost never come with instructions and most people just do trial and error with their (electronic) keyer until it works.

DCP Mini Iambic
DCP Mini Iambic Paddle (kit) by American Morse

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  1. I am just finishing up a 3D-printed paddle and I did not have any instructions on how to wire it. Rather than trial-and-error, I consulted the Goo-Gul and here you are with the solution. My paddles now work great. Thank you.

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