XLX367 reflector is live!

Update: February 2019: All three modes DStar, YSF, and DMR are now crosslinked!

DStar REF367A (also XRF367A and DCS367A) is up an running. This is a new multi-protocol DStar Digital Voice reflector, running in the cloud. It is available for public use and is tied primarily with JerryNet communications.

Also, a Yaesu Fusion YSF room 68798 is running at the same server, and is bridged to DMR Talkgroup 3128459 DMR (here’s how to connect to XLX DMR). Fusion users can talk in this YSF reflector to other Fusion users, and it is cross-linked to DMR as well for wider reach.

I am currently working within the Brandmeister support process to tie the XLX reflector to a DMR master, but until then, the reflector works for all 3 ham major digital voice modes.

Please visit the reflector on one of your digital voice radios and say hi!

XLX reflector 367
XLX reflector 367

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  1. I have a reflector XLX258 and would like to try to link to the YSF or Fusion. We are already set up for the TG6 and some people are using it to talk to their DMR to Dstar. I appreciate if you could assist me for the YSF or fusion. Thank you.

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