It’s been quite a journey since I first received the 3.2v Headway 40152S cells from China in March. Slowly but surely I have been learning more about DIY battery building, from balance management systems, to electric capacity and current calculations, all the way to how to fit things into a case with extensive wiring. There are plenty of YouTube mentors out there building batteries.

The AD6DM 12v 15Ah Power Box

Now I’m on a craze about Lithium power storage and solar energy, with the hopes of one day building my own home multi-Kwh power wall. In the meantime, I don’t think I’ll ever look at consumer batteries the same way ever again. I will always think, “Can I build that myself, and cheaper?”

Even if this 15Ah power box project turned out to be excessively expensive, it was worth it in satisfaction and wisdom gained. See my video about it here:

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