In today’s episode, I go on my typical Lunch Time on the Air™ (LTOTA) during my lunch hour at work in Rancho Cordova, and I fail at chasing two of my friends activating Summits on the Air (SOTA):

– Jose K6HZR activating San Juan Hill (1 pt) W6/CT-230
– Scott N0OI activating Bertha Peak (8 pts) W6/CT-103

Heard voices on Jose’s frequency, but couldn’t verify if it was him. Heard lots of chasers answering Scott, but I guess he couldn’t hear me. In any case, it’s great to know fellow ham friends are out and about, and I’ll try to do my part to help them even if I don’t get the chaser points (as is all too regular).

What is SOTA?:
What is a Chaser?:


Elecraft AX1 20m/17m portable antenna:
Elecraft KX3 160-6m transceiver:
Nanuk 910 Hard Case:

Hams spend a great deal of time researching, but there’s nothing like actually operating. Get out there, even if you have a day job, and get some LTOTA!

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